Shipping policy

Within Japan

Orders placed before 2pm will be processed for delivery within the same day, with certain exceptions depending on delivery area and order placement timing. During long holiday periods such as year-end holidays and Golden Week, delivery may take longer. Shipping charges vary depending on product size.

Yamato Transport

-Trackable mail service (Nekopos):
270 yen per order (up to 10 masks)


Nationwide (excluding Okinawa)

Size 60: 620 yen
Size 80: 720 yen
Size 100: 1,020 yen
Size 120: 1,220 yen
Size 140: 1,420 yen
Size 160: 1,620 yen

For Okinawa

Size 60: 1,360 yen
Size 80: 1,860 yen
Size 100: 2,380 yen
Size 120: 2,880 yen
Size 140: 3,400 yen
Size 160: 3,900 yen


- Mask-only orders will be shipped via Nekopos unless requested otherwise.
- Nekopos deliveries are only made to mailboxes. (Packages that do not fit in mailboxes will be returned to us.)

If recipients are not home to receive packages or Nekopos packages cannot be delivered to mailboxes

In the event that recipients are not home to receive packages on the day of delivery, an attempted delivery notice will be delivered. Please request redelivery using the sales office contact information provided on this notice.

Packages that are not received within the retention period will be returned to us. If you wish to have a package sent back to you, the shipping cost for resending the package will be charged.

Tracking Information

The status of shipments can be checked via the shipping carrier's tracking website using the tracking number from the order confirmation email.

For shipping-related inquiries such as changes to the delivery address after an order has been shipped or questions about a package not being delivered, please contact the shipping carrier’s sales office in your area with the tracking number ready.